valve shim sizing question

I need a 2.87mm to bring my intakes into spec (.006in) should I go ahead and get a 2.85mm or a 2.90mm? They are 2.94mm in there now and my clearance is at .003in in (both my intakes are the same amazingly)

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Pro x has a 2.875 on Rocky Mtn or you could go 2.9 to be in spec. I wouldn't go too wide.

Pro X makes in between sizes in shims. I have bought them at Rocky Mountain MC before. So you can get a 2.875 if you need. Hope this helps. If not, I would go on the loose side since the valves tighten up as they wear.

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I agree as loose as possible in spec. . .

the shop I went to today only had a 2.85 and a 2.9, the 2.9 was perfect and the 2.85 side ended up being way too loose (.008!!)so I have to go to another shop tomorrow to pick up another 2.9

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