2005 Trx450R oil constantly black and going quick

Back when I had my 2005 TRX450R I could go for a 5 minute ride and my oil was black and it would also eat oil like crazy. I would change it and change the filter constantly. I got a little better but I ended up trading it. Did anyone else have this problem on there TRX's? I'm looking at a 2005 and I wanted to know if it could also have this problem. Thanks!

Top end was probably wasted. I've torn apart a bunch of sport quads that were using oil and they all had the plating worn off the cylinder. Most of the time it was because the owner didn't maintain the air filter or didn't know how. A few times it was because the owner ditch the stock airbox completely and was running with a filter just stuck on the end of the carb.

I'm sure this problem isn't specific to the Honda you owned. Iv'e seen this problem on ATV's, Motorcycles, UTV's, etc. Some machines are more suceptable to this than others. Polaris RZR 800's have a bad problem with this if the stock paper air filter is replaced with a K&N or UNI. This is because the inlet for the airbox is close to the rear wheel and they pass a huge ammount of dirt into the airbox.

It was literally a brand new top and bottom end when I bad it because I seized it up. Actually some idiot I let ride it seized it up. $1,600 later. I got rid of it about 2 years ago and I was going to buy another 2005 and was wondering who else had that problem but I didn't.

All of my Hondas have the oil turn black almost immediately except for my crf450... The Trx turns oil black in 30 seconds. But it doesn't use up oil like yours did. A well cared for 05 would be a safe bet to go with. And you can pick them up pretty cheap now-a-days

Ended up keeping my bike and not getting a quad. Might look into one soon though. I loved it, don't get me wrong but I was changing oil like every time I rode and oil filters too. It got a little better before I sold it.

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