DR200 for traveling

I currently have a DR650 converted for long distance travel but after riding a little honda ct110 postie bike around for a bit and realizing just how much fun a lightweight underpowered bike can be it got me thinking how much fun it would be to do some mid range trips in the slow lane.

I love my bullet proof DR650 and I figured the DR200 is it's lightweight little brother so have been looking to buy one as a second bike. My only concerns are whether this bike has a solid enough frame to support me (200lb), potential travel gear (50lb) without falling apart! I'm thinking the DR200 would be very easy to maneuver in technical trails but I've never even ridden one. I know a few people must have experiences on both the DR650 and DR200 so It'd be cool to hear how you think they stack up as travel bikes and for off road fun. Are the DR200's as reliable as the 650 in the long run or do they need more upkeep? All opinions welcome,cheers

Hi Easy-E.

My wife and I have a DR350 and a DR200. The 350 has about 25,000 miles on it and the DR200 has about 20,000 miles. Both travel with about 200 lbs or more....many times 2 up with both of us. The 200 has seen some very serious terrain. We perform regular service and care, but the majority of its life has been off road.

If you ride in mountainous terrain, you may be surprised by the lack of compression braking supplied by the 200cc motor. Not a huge problem, but requires more use of the brakes than the 350.

The 200 has been trouble free with only replacement batteries, tires, replacement chain/sprocket set and a set of front brake pads required. It is about as bullet proof as it gets.


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