2003 kx 250 powervalve spacer mod help!

I have everything off and all the cover bolts out but the case will not come off. can someone please help!!and tell me what i am doing wrong or overlooking.. Thanks

Go around it again and make sure all the bolts are out. It should come apart fairly easy.On the removeable clutch cover there is a bolt that has to come out that goes into the cases. i believe its the bottom one.


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What is the spacer mod?

As far as i know, this mod only really applies to the 03 model. Makes it more like an 04 in power delivery.

This mod has been around since the late 80s. I did it to my 90 KX250 (back in 90 or 91) but didnt like it. I still have the shims stashed away. I just did it to my 07 and it worked well. The 03 pv spring is too soft and opens prematurely causing a bog and a loss of low end. I swapped a complete governor from a 04 into my wifes 03 and it worked great, more bottom and a smoother transition into the midrange. You can use a 04 spring, they are pretty cheap.

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