PJ1 Oil and Twin air filter, some sand made it through?

Hey Guys after riding this weekend in some sand/dirt I found some specs of sand on the inside of the intake boot, I could only see with a flashlight and not many. There was a thin film of oil on the inside of the boot they were sticking to. The inside of the filter looked like new though.

I then realized that the oil wasn't very tacky on the filer, the filter was new and I covered the entire filter with oil before riding. I wouldn't recommend using this oil, but mabe I just had a bad can.

I have about 10 hours on a newly plated cylinder, new piston etc. I took off my header pipe and looked in the cylinder with a flashlight, didn't see any scoring, just a very minor hair line vertical scratch on the piston on the exhaust side. The bikes compression feels fine, think im good? Yeah I'm paranoid haha

Is it possible that sand made it into the boot when you removed the filter? This has been the riskiest part for getting debris into the engine for me. Also I know guys who spend LOTS of time in the sand use filter socks for a bit more protection.

I have no experience with that filter oil as all I have ever used is the Maxxim spray on filter oil and No Toil air filter oil which is the same as Factory Honda sells and uses. I recomend it because it works well and clean up is super easy.

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That's my combo (PJ1/Twin Air), never had issues.

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