Keep my cr 250 or buy a 450 ?' help

Guys. I need some solid advice on what to do here. First off I ride trails sand mud hills mountains you name it. My 03 cr 250 has been bullet proof. 8 years of hammer down riding on the original crank and most other parts . My point is how long can the new 2012 2013 crf 450s last ?? I mean Honda is Honda but I seen alot of blown up 450s on the trail and i personally had a 2003 yammy 250f that lasted 2 years before dropping a valve and destroyed everything . It's at an auto wrecker now.

I am very very high on maintaining my bikes . Always checked and tuned up after everyride. Never put away dirty so I am prepared for the added maintenance to a 450 if someone has one that is lasted a long time. I plan on keeping it stock

Most likely if you maintain your bike like you say it will last a very long time. But there are always some freak cases where something happens. If you want the power go for it

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