2 Stroke video

Here is another great video made by Adam Riemann from 'Motology' video's in Australia. It features Toby Price riding on the motocross track. Toby had a bad crash and injured his neck riding in the Hare and Hound round in the states on the weekend just past. Toby is a great rider as well as a top bloke (nice guy) and was trying to get a full time ride in Americafor next year. I hope he makes a full recovery and can fulfil his great potential. Please look after him during his recovery over there for us.

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Fark U was just about to post this lol.

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The part where he is describing the two stroke engine was bitchen! Also does that rear end ever stay straight? He needs a stabilizer haha

A really good video! Get well Toby! It sounds like Toby is very lucky to be walking after suffering a neck injury. He is one bad ass Australian rider love to watch him ride :thumbsup:

Very Nice.

Sure could have used a trials tire to keep the back end planted in those rock gardens. Of course, then it wouldn't have worked on the motocross track.

Great vid.

It's called "The power of sound", and they talk up the 2T and describe the exhaust as a musical instrument,

then they play that horrible music over the top of that beautiful KTM trumpet!!!

Was I the only one going, "WTH?" :excuseme: Shut that crap off so I can hear the BIKE!!!

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Cool video, both guys terrorize their respected stomping grounds

weird seeing a bike with a headlight and kickstand move that fast!!!

A bit dramatic for my tastes.

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