Looking for a used Gnarly

Looking for some more roll on grunt out of my YZ, I'm a smooth short shifter grunter so I don't think the loss of topend overrev will hurt me too much. I'm hesitant to mess with gearing off the bat because I don't want to the make the power more abrubt where it's always tugging at my arms. If anyone has a gnarly in good condition that'll fit an '09 YZ250 hit me up.

Maddog: I don't have a good one, but do have one that needs to be straightened. Hit a stump and did a serious thump on it. It's yours if you pay the shipping. I'm leaving shortly for Seattle, but will be able to take pics and send to you after I get back next week - that is if you're interested. Just PM me and leave a cell number or some other manner of sending to the pic to you. By the way it was on my 09 when I had it on, did not care for the power delivery and went to stock.

Cool, I'll pm you so you can send me some pictures.

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