2001 ttr 125l just quits! need ideas!

I bought my son the 2001 ttr125l bike recently. We love the bike and it usually runs great but sometimes when riding at no particualr speed will just quit. I mean quit where it has no spark, and does not sputter or anything. We have tried hitting the kill switch, wiggling wires, checking connections and it just does not make sense. My son could be going 20 mph when it quits and even being in gear it does not sputter or anything. I do not think it has anything to do with gas. As soon as the bike stops it will immediately start back up on the first kick and may run 10 minutes or more before it happens again?? Any thoughts would be appreciated...

if you have the owners manual, it has good troubleshooting section.

are you sure you don't have a spark?

my 03 would act similar and it turned out to be the kill switch connections.

i suggest checking/double checking all the electrical connections, switches and grounds.

new plug?

Assuming they all check out, that leaves the coil, cdi and stator.

My guess from your description would be the $tator, but you definitely need a manual to test and confirm.

I would absolutely rule out fuel starvation first. Open the float bowl drain and drain the whole tank into a gas can, just to make sure that flow doesn't ever stop, due to a plugged gas cap leak. Leave the gas cap on, of course.

Sometimes a CDI box can fail intermittently when it gets hot.

Weird that it immediately starts back up though if it's electrical. I'm with Leardriver, I'd for sure rule out gas starvation. We once had an outboard motor that did the exact thing you're describing. Turned out to be a collapsing fuel hose.

Thank for the replies, as soon as this crazy flooding rain quits here in Michigan, I will try what's been suggested...! I will post the results...

My friend's bike had a similar problem. I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was something fuel related. While asking around for help about it quite a few people said (like Leardriver) that it is possible that the CDI box might be the problem when it gets hot, which would tie in with your problem that it starts again and runs fine later (after it has cooled) but when it warms again it stops.

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