Bar bend to get with 3 inch mounts XRL?

I'm getting some 3 inch high bar clamps as I'm doing my CR fork swap and wonder what bend would be good to get in the handle bars. Would the CR high bend be too much? I don't want ape hangers as with 3 inches the bars will be raised significantly as it is.

Seems like the bends are all pretty close to each other when I look at the chart.

I was thinking of getting the mid CR bend in the 1 1/8 Pro Taper Evo. This sound on par?

I'm 6'2" and I know this is a vague question and all...

I almost wanted to break the ice with an oil related question, which I love oil threads, it's like reading the tabloids!


First I take it you are using CRF triples and these replace bar clamps not a adapter. MOST of the time 3in clamps means bar is 3in high. Say stock bar clamps puts bar 1in high. Then 3in clamps will raise bar 2in over stock got it? So you have CR high in stock bar clamps with 3in clamps 2in higher Pro Taper Contours have a woods low bend thats 1in lower. So 3in clamps with woods low bars would be 1in higher than CR high in stock bar clamps EASY right?

adding 3" rise to the bars off stock is pretty high.... ive used the 7/8 to 1 1/8 adapters that just screw into stock triples, there not but an inch rise or so, and im same height and i use a 686 bend, which has little sweep, and i have no desire to go any higher, maybe get your swap into place and find the bars you like and see how the height is, CR high would be a good start, i dont know how high they are compared to others but think my 686 are just as high also.

Thanks for the advice! Yea it is pretty simple once I got some sleep and recouped as I have had a child home with me the last 2 days. My mind is a scrambled egg as of late.

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LMAO i know the feeling, my boy turns 5 tomorrow and he can drive me wild.....

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