How many teeth should I drop

I am tryin to add a little more torq to my 175f bigbore and I am wondering how many teeth should I drop from the back sprocket to get some more torq not a ton but just enough I am running the stock size now

You can't get more torque from an engine by changing gearing. You can, however, get more torque at the rear wheel by changing gearing. That's why dyno runs are done in whatever gear is a 1:1 ratio.

Also... Dropping teeth at the rear will make the overall ratio taller and reduce torque at the rear wheel.

Very generally speaking - You can drop a tooth up front on short tracks and add a tooth up front on long tracks. When we raced our Al Baker bikes we always carried two extra sprockets for that reason.

Can you give us some examples of where the bike isn't performing well? Do you need more top end? Is the bike stalling in tight sections?

No when I come off jumps the bike doesn't want to take off and I need the back wheel to dig in more when I come I the jumps.

How about a new rear tire and hold the gas wide open on the way to the jump!

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