bought acerbis tank missing cylindrical support bracket

I just bought a used acerbic tank and noticed I don't have the support bracket that attaches by the triangle engine mount. It is pictured in the thread below.


I will try to see if the seller has it but if he does not, where can I get one? Or would the tank fit without it?


It will still go on just fine and probably be ok if your just riding on the street. It will have support from the two braces that go from the bottom of the tank to the frame. Also the mounts for the old tank supply a bit of support. Then there is the rear mount. If u have access to a welder I would think making a mount wouldn't be too difficult.

For now I will hope the seller has the piece still attached to his bike and will take it off next time his tank is off. I do mostly off road riding but need to ride lots of pavement to get there. Seems like I should not use the tank until I get a bracket one way or another.

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