Front Rim Replacement Advice

Just got an '07 CRF450R as my first bike. After riding this weekend I found a small crack in the front rim. It goes up the side of the rim from the tire bead to about 1/4" across the flat part of the rim. What's the best bang-for-buck replacement option and how much will it cost me? I'm riding all trail, no track.

OEM vs. aftermarket?

What do I need to replace? (Rim, spokes, nipples or all of the above?)

I don't think I should tackle rebuilding it myself, any idea what a fair price to get it rebuilt is?


you need a whole wheel if you dont wanna re lace/true, btw i have a complete front wheel no rotor or collars ill sale for 75$ US plus shipping

Ended up getting a new Excel rim and new spokes laced up and trued all at my local shop. Total was $360 CAD

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