My 2003 yzf250 rebuild.

Hey everyone so I picked up a chassis from a kid with everything but wheels and a motor.1366086389599.jpg

I figured I'd be able to get an engine and stuff soon. I took it because it was all there. The carb is in awesome condition and so is the suspension.. I took all the plastics off and the tank and started baggin and taggin stuff1366086514668.jpg

And there it sat.. for about a month or so.. untill yesterday I found a guy close to me with enough good parts to build 6 or 7 of these bad boys. I traded some things abd got everything I needed except the head. 1366086730721.jpg

So as I was looking it all over.. I found tha its missing a lot of bolts and every gasket is going to need to be replaced.. but I figured that... I've got 2 cylinders, 2 pistons, new cams, 2 CDI boxes, 4 sets of radiators, 3 impellors, 3 pairs of oil lines, a brand new clutch, 2 airboxes, 3 new cam chains, 2 tensioners, a carb rebuild kit, and some other stuff. And so far going into this rebuild I've invested about 300$. I figure I'm soin pretty good.. I'm getting excited as it gets closer and closer to the time to start putting this together... this will be my first complete rebuild ever.. so I'm also nervous.. I've got a yamaha parts catalogue and a service/shop manual at my fingertips so I should be ok.. I thought this would be cool to share here. Let me know what you guys think?

Ill keep posting pics and stuff as I get more parts and start the rebuild. I'm also thinking about getting some of the cases like the cluctch case cover and stator case cover powder coated because thw look kinda trashy cuz the silver yammi paint is rubbing off.. so let me know if this is a good idea or bad idea. Anybody ever done this before? Oh and the only iffy thing about my cams is my intake doesn't have auto decompression. :(:(:(:(>_> I figure its going to be a royal pain in my ass to start as I'm only 5'6" 155lbs and can barley touch the ground on one side.. I do a lot of trail riding and track and if I crash or tip over getting it started after a hard 50miles I might not be able to kick it over lol. Should I bite the bullet and just get the OEM intake with the auto decomp? I've found it new for 150 $. What do you think?

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Keep posting, I am curious how this is going to play out for you. I would pick up the cam with the auto-decomp, especially for the type of riding you are planning to do.

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