i need operator and shop manual

i bought a 09 drz 400 today i think the compression release is not working or cylinder is filling with gas. i know the carb is leaking the pet cock doesn't shut off and it looks like there is a electronic fuel valve in the carb that isn't shutting off the bike didnt come with any manuals

Here's a good place for a manual (click the word "manual").

Does anyone know where to find a free service manual? Or willing to email me a copy.

Suzuki manuals are copyrighted. As such, unless someone sells a used one (or you pony up and buy one from a dealer), you caqnnot legally get a pdf 'copy' attempting to do so on TT is not condoned.

The official Suzuki manual publisher also sells them at Amazon.com. Be carefull which ones you order, if so. They vary slightly by year.

The publisher collects orders and prints them every so often so there may be a delay in delivery. The price is reasonable.

Sorry, I will pursue more legal means

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