I finished my 1st enduro race ever!

Yesterday was a breakthrough for me.

I finished my first regional enduro race!

It was my 3rd race at the Guadalajara Enduro Championship.

On my 1st two races i DNF due to mechanical failures caused by bonked out crashes.

This last one was a true challenge to me.

The races are held 6 hours away from my hometown so we got permission by the race officials to do a practice lap on saturday.

On my practice run on Saturday i got stucked, crashed, overheated the bike in a couple of ocations. I came out of that practice run worried and in pain due to a hard hit on my knee.

Also the fork seals decided to blow up that same day and the front disc brake ended up soaked in oil.

So eventhugh i had a busted knee and half the brake power on my front brake, i didnt chicken out and did the race anyhow.

I did great! I finished every section within my time, so no penalizations for me. I always came with 10-15 min. late. So this was my 1st time ever meeting my times.

On the speed and special section i had a blast, i know i don´t stand a chance against the guys at my class. I race C class and it´s my 1st year ever racing at proper enduro tracks. But i dont give arat´s ass i am racing against my own limitations, and fears.

And finally i made it. I am very proud of myself.

Just wanted to share the stoke.

Hey congratulations. Thats the way to go jump in and give it all you got. Going to be running my first ever enduro race soon and really have no clue what to expect. Part of the learning process!

The first two races i was totally naive about them.

Eventhough i now understand how the race works, on this last race i focused on finishing within my time limits. On the timed and special sections i didnt push myself as on the 1st races the anxiety of performing well at them made me spend a lot of energy.

So even though i had a very lousy place within the finishers, at least i finished and got some points.

My advice to you is to really just focus on finishing. At least that´s my plan focus on finishing races, and eventually as i gather more confidence and finishing isn´t an issue anymore start worrying about the timed sections.

It´s a real challenge but it gives you a lot of pride to make it through the challenging stuff.

Congratulations! I have a finished a few now and am always glad to finish even if I don't place in the top 5. To me it is an accomplishment to finish. Seems like it would be equivalent to running a marathon.

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Congrats!!!! That's awesome!!

Congrats bud! Welcome to the family.

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