Yz426f Plastics

Hey guys I'm thinking of trading my 2005 yamaha xt 225 for an 02 yz426f. I've seen a lot of pics of bikes with newer plastics on them. I like the 426's just wanna make it look like a new bike with newer style plastics. Any help on interchanging the plastics with newer 450 ones? I'm new to the thumper talk so all help is greatly appreciated

I used to have a yamaha 2006 wr450f and am now also getting a 2001 yz426 as well... I know on the yz 426's front and rear fenders are easily interchangeable with a newer model yz450s fenders with little to no fabrication required... The shrouds mount onto the tank so if you wanted to change those it would probly require buying a tank and shrouds off of a newer yz450... There really isn't much of a difference in the seats and air box but it really just depends what model look your wanting to go to... I believe they went to fuel injected at like 09, but I may be wrong... I think if it's a newer fuel injected model the tank would not be interchangeable. The one I'm getting has flex spots in the fenders and I will be changing them as well as a graphics kit, and fenders are super easy to find. on google shopping... Loads of universal fenders also.

Thanks. What's the google shopping thing?

On google you can search for things, and up top you can select images, videos, Books, and other categories, but there is also a shopping category, so if you search dirtbike fender, and select the shopping category, it will bring up loads of them, from any online stores selling the part... Makes it easy to compare prices too...then just click on the ones that interest you


Will newer model 450 fenders

Fit on a 02 yz426? I've been trying to give my bike a facelift, ordered lots of billet accessories, levers, plugs, cap, spacers etc. but would love to be able to fit those new style fenders. As long as I would have to mock up or fabricate to fit

I put a new 2010-2013 fender and number plate on mine. Cut out some cardboard and make a template of your old fender bolt holes. Then drill the new one and you're good to go. Number plate took the top screw fine but I zip tied the bottom. With some careful cutting it might line up better.



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