Buying a cheap 125 for trails

So im 6,4 195 lbs...Im looking at a 89 cr 125 thats in great shape and I can get it for 500...I will only be trail riding this year and Im curious if this will make me happy.. I had an 89 cr 250 and liked it but felt like i couldnt get better on it...Any thoughts on if the 125 will make me a better/faster rider? I feel like I can be a bit more aggresive and on the pipe more, maybe carry my speed better.

At 6'4 i wouldnt get a 125. An xr400 would be a good trail bike for you. They are cheap and will last forever.

I like light motox bikes and have no interest in any 4 strokes as I do plan on hitting the track later this year and im on a budget..and I also love the older crs. I fit fine on the bike I just want to know it would be powerwise and if it would enhance my riding.. Also does anyone know anything about the 89 cr's?

A 125 will make you feel faster but i doubt you will be any faster.

Its worth a try...All the local pro riders I know suggest it so Ill see what happens.

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