Trail ride this past weekend !2 stroke!

Wambaw cycle trail. just the first short section. never posted a video before so trying it out.

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The weather looks so awesome there! I'm in Minnesota and took the bike out for the first time yesterday -- still snow on the trails and tracks aren't open for a few more weeks so that left us with some early season ditch riding haha :smirk:

Side note: what sort of camera are you using?

Weather here right now is high 70's low 80's. I use a GoPro. It is a couple years old.

Good vid. Looks like some pretty fast trails down there. What year is your CR?

Couldn't help notice your Thumper user name, you don't happen to work in machining do you?

My bike a 2006 CR250R with full Ractech revalve and sprung, GPR stablizer, FWW, FMF Gnarley-TurbineCore2. My screen name is just my initials. Trails here are fast and flowing. Lots of sand. Gets pretty whooped out a few weeks after they groom them. I wish the trails weren't so flat but no hills in charleston, sc.

Nice! Only thing, imo, I don't like the chest mounts, to much movement up and down, the bars are distracting, I actually like seeing them, but not when they take up 30-70% of the frame.

Luke I was kinda thinking same thing. I will try the helmet mount next time.

If i may suggest, if you want to. The top mount is good, i like the view, but then you have the problem with hiting branches all the time. the side one i don't know how it is, the view is good, but idk about being in the way. I made a homemade mount that goes on the front of the helmet over the mouth. but for my way requires drilling into the helmet, but is a good view, and you don't have to worry about knocking it off.

I am gonna mount on my helmet next time. I had it on my helmet before but bought a new helmet and need to stick a mount on it.

Yah I would suggest if you are going to use the chest mount use it up as high as possible.

those one way trails?

Yes there is about 40 miles of trails. All is one way except one small section about 1/4 mile but it is very wide on power lines and is labeled good.

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