Just the valve itself or the whole assembly.Thanks!

I found my replacement on ebay, 75 US shipped. Good luck


+1. EBAY

Just for giggles, I looked on ebay for a power valve and found NONE which kind of surprised me. You just might have to go with a new one from an OEM parts house. I just checked with Partzilla and it would be about $130. Tons of governors on ebay but no power valves.

04-13 parts will fit your 05. maybe that will help your ebay search.

Thanks,guys,but there's nothing around,so I bought the valve and a new shaft from NCY.The nipple broke off the end of it,which I've since heard happens sometimes on the Yamaha's.First time for me.Luckily it happened while I was taking it apart(or shortly before),and not at full speed where it may have caused some problems....

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