Cracked headlight lens - dual sport kit

Does anyone know where I can get a lens? It holds a projector type bulb and a small lamp off to the side. Looks about the same as a Baja designs kit glass. Prefer a local source instead of ordering out. I checked the local auto zones, etc.

Any help?



Need more info on what light you have. Is it a Baja Designs light or something else?

If it's a BD light, replacement pc. is $45. Call and order it so you can tell them your a thumpertalk member and want 10% off. Does not come with a bulb. Uses a regular H4 automotive headlight bulb with hi and low beams. If it's for your stock light, Baja Designs or Honda dealer for the glass lens upgrade. I think that uses a H3 single filament bulb.

It's a standard h4 bulb. The glass looks similar to a Baja designs kit, but is a Electrolux kit, long gone. Not enough glass left to read the numbers on it. If its easier to get locally, I prefer that.



I think those used the UFO Ray headlight. Maybe do a google search and see if replacement lens is available for that light and if it looks like the one you have. Good luck!

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