2003 yz 450 kick start wont move

I was riding it today and i was in 4th gear and noticed it knocking so i started heading home and it stalled and now i cant even kick it... The kick starter id just frozen stuck. And even when its in neutral my rear tire is locked up, the only way i can get it to move is to pull in the clutch, any ideas what it could be??

Top or bottom end seizure I'd say.

Do you know what could be causing it to seize up?

Piston to cylinder seizure, crankshaft bearings or connecting rod bearings. Possibly could be in the transmission but I'd guess its gonna be in the motor since you said it was knocking.

Do you know what could be causing it to seize up?

I'm guessing an oil issue or overheating, but bearings can just fail over time too.

Is this seriously a thread? Maybe I'm just tired but isn't it obvious?

I was looking around on it today and noticed a hole in the front of my engine? What could have blown through it????

Connecting rod most likely

did you ever figure out what it was? My 2010 yz450f kick start wont move, the rear tire isn't locked up or anything and I didn't hear any noises from the engine before either. I just laid it on its side and now its stuck. any ideas..

My rod was bent on the inside locking everything up, we torr down the engine and i ended up buying s new engine...

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