Sourcing Parts

This is tip for finding a new needle bearing for the dog bone on any bike. This can obviously be used for other bearings and common replacement parts.

First I looked up the part on Ron Ayers. I wanted part number 44 on this page. $14.86 plus shipping ($8 !).

Looking for a cheaper way, I did a google search on that part to see if I could find an equivalent. Toward the bottom of page is a result for Pivot Works.

That took me to this page, and I searched for 91071-KV3-005 on that page and found the part for $6.95. Add $2.07 shipping and it's on its way here for $9 instead of $23.

This might seem obvious to some but it could empower others.

thanks so much!

I think it's so cool when guys find alternative ways of fixing something or of using parts.

Awesome :)

It may be cheaper, but not all bearings are created equal.

I doubt the OEM is two and a half times better.

I doubt the OEM is two and a half times better.

Sometimes the oem part turns out to be worth a lot more than 2 1/2 times the value . . . . like that one hour clutch.

The oem part is built to the manufacturer's spec and eliminates doubt at least.

You may get lucky. I hope you do.

All Balls and Pivot Works make tons of after market bearing and seals kits. I'm only replacing the OEM because it puked out its needles. The only contact this part has with the rest of the bike is with the cylinder inside the linkage part. This is not rocket science. The after market wheel bearings that replaced the originals make them look prehistoric.

This part either works or it doesn't.

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