DRZ-125 What aftermarket fuel mixture screw do you use?


I have a 2004 DRZ-125 and I want to finally get the fuel screw mixture dialed in this spring, but it's a pain to take the carb off every time. I did I search here on Thumpertalk and could not come up with a particular brand of adjustable aftermarket fuel mixture screws that people like. I checked the parts store here and it gave me a ton of options for my 2004, like Merge Racing, Scar, FCR, Tokyo Mods and ZipTy.

Just wondering if there is one particular aftermarket fuel screw that everyone likes, or are they all good?

None of those fit. What you're seeing is the "universal" products designed for a Keihin FCR. For play bikes and pit bikes, your adjustable fuel screw is your pilot screw and a stubby screwdriver.

To access your pilot screw, you need to drill a plug from the bottom of your carb out. See the second picture, its between the top two float bowl screws, but drill carefully! It's a VERY thin plug. To adjust a stock style carb, I have a custom stubby made from a pawn shop Snap-on flat head screw driver, filed to fit snugly in the fuel screw, and cut down to fit between the carb and the engine cases, then I had the shaft knurled.


For more info, see THIS THREAD by the great BeamishNZ.

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm glad I posted before I bought one of those. I drilled out the plug and made some adjustments to the fuel screw last Fall when I bought it but I want to dial it in better this Spring. It would be so much easier if I could just adjust while on the bike and in place. Looks like I'm going to try and make-shift something like you did. Too bad they don't make an aftermarket adjustable one.

Thanks again!

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