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Portuguese Nacional Enduro Series 2013

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Going to share a complete lap of the third event of the year in the Nacional Portuguese Enduro Championship.

For those who don´t know it´s and enduro in the world enduro series format consisting in schedule transfer sections and three special tests (enduro, cross and extreme test).

In this case we had a tigth transfer section of 35 minutes (36 in the first lap) and after a relaxed 1h15 one, the special tests are in between them.

This was the first enduro i made this year because of injury and it was a tough one and i believe the longest that i´ve made (The average is 6h30h) , this time we had 7h25 total time of riding in 3 and a half loops, we rode 223km´s in total!!!

Video are divided in non edited Go pro Footage, 4 parts in total.

Just to show a little more about this type of series this is a pic of an info that they give me us before the event and shows the the type of terrain and time we have to do the diferent sections:


It´s in Portuguese but it´s easy to explain.

KM´s are kilometers, parciais are parcial km´s and totais are total km´s.

CH it´s were you have to sign the control letter that is gived in the begining.

Tempo A (Times A) it´s time for good wheather and were those that were used, Tempos B (Times B) it´s in case of rain.

The I, II, III, IV shows the dificulty of terrain beeing the I the more easy type.

Enjoy :cool:

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