GREMLINS! any input?

Whats up.. Recentley jumped back on the pig, 05 650l stock other than big gun exhaust and a comp piston and rings,6500 miles about 600 after top end. Elevation 220ft, temp 80, humidty 90 to 100%, Arkansas valley, General get around, little pavement little trail.. Any way!!!!! I run premium, just got back in the bike after a few moths of sitting, start up here and there, to the beer store and back etc... started up fine, idle fine, shift fine, interstate at 65mph, guestamate 5500, 6000, rpm 10 mins into town, 10 minutes in the office, start up fine, idle fine, notice a little hesitation on throttle up, just once not riding hard. Interstae for about 5 min same as before 5500 rpm 65mph give or take about 60% throttle. Complete shut down!!! Flipped to reserve thinking i was low, one little sputting and dead again. Pulled off the pavement let her rest for a minute had a smoke, and tried for fire it up... seemed the battery was dead (recentley charged 2 day old charge).. by the way i have notice a little lifter chatter while riding not bad at all though. so @#$%^&*(*&^%$ thought about pushing into traffic, but decided i liked her to much and just didnt know her well enough to do that (yet). o.k got her started with the button after 10 minute cool down got another half mile and shut down again. No weird noises just shut off... trailered it home... put the battery on the charger, read it needed a full charge.(done) checked fuel lines, clear.. I did notice the fuel valve was looser than i would like, as pulling line it spunn a tad bit. Back to it, starter fluid fired right up 20 seconds sputtering ( add choke) pepped up 5 seconds, sputtering full choke pepp up 2 seconds flat line again._------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------@#$%^&*()(*&^%.... alright I cannot use any throttle on her to keep her up she just hates it.... Bad Gas??? crap in the jetts???? ignition???

I have the carb off I havent opened it up yet thought while she is down time to reach for some potential..

any help would be grately appreciated, she still is corked.

:banghead: Also pulled the plug looked a little lean, light brown and a litlte grey, super clean...

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Well you have the carb out all clean it up check to see if the jets are pluged. Also check to make sure the slider is working freely in the carb. Gas in the float bowl will go bad before the gas in the tank.

Get the bike up and running again and check the charging system across the battery to see if it is charging. Should be around 13.2-14.5 volts at around 2500 rpms. You moght be running on the battery only. If the battery reads 12.0 volts and starts droping (while running) You charging system has gone bad at the stator or reg.

The CDI box can also go bad to and just cut off when running with no warning. Taking it out and tapping it will some time get it started and running again long enough to get it home.

At this point I would go with a grumed up carb from sitting.

Most of the time the slider will stick and the pilot jet will plug up when the gas goes bad. Also your float could be sticking.

These are just a guess of course bad it least it's a place to start.


Opened the carb up. Looked good, no blockage in either jet. bowl functions properly, vacum seems to be strong.

Dont know whats up with it, thinking maybe the r/r, I dont know ill but ill test it and the battery later today. Again any ideas or suggestion would be great im trying to minamize, Down time and dollars spent replace and pulling crap that doesnt need done ... Like the carb .

thanks Kurt for the reply.

Maybe at these speeds and rpm i just ran it dry... couldnt switch it over fast enough, no fuel in the bowl, then no vacum? I dont know but just put the 5.8 acerbis on it will not run low again. that doesnt explain the battery but it is a three yr old.

If you do all the steps above and that dont do it then its CDI

If you beleave the carb to be clean thats one item down. Fuel supply should be good.

I would check the voltage across the battery when running. At idle it will be around 12-12.5 The voltage should raise and fall with rpm. The high voltage out put at higher rpm should be around 13.5-14.2

If the voltage stays low at any rpm then the battery is suporting the system until it runs low enough to where it can't anymore. Needless to say every time you try and start it it turns over slower and slower until it wont any more when trying to start it.

At this point though if your voltage checks out then I would go with a CDI also. It's not uncomon the the CDI's to take a dump on these bikes. I carry a extra on mine just for this reason.


Checked it out today, I am running 14.1 on output at idle, dropping when throttle up. Ran a few miles today at low rpm 40mph stop and go. 15 min stop then on the highway again at about 60 maybe 5 minutes and she shut down agian, pulled off highway, cycled ignition and fired back up through town stiop and go 10 min, sustained throttle 2 minutes maybe shut down again. 15 minute break tapped cdi, checked connections. Cycled ignition and rode her home.

I have never seen anything like it, Its not getting hot everything is clean( air filter could be replaced) but thats it. I just dont want to miss something simple before breaking open the cdi for repair or replacement. Could the jets be to small and starve it at high rpms??? if so, I didnt rejet this so i dont know what size it is, Keep in mind its burning clean and lean....

thanks for any replies or ideas

cdi on this model can be unreliable. heat and vibration sensitive.


yea i have after listening to you guys and doing alot of research come to that. I cant believe these suck so bad 6500 miles and a computer already... CRAP! Honda is better than that. So I have seen alot of info on repair, and alot of (no plugnplay upgrades) these where pretty old post. Is any one aware of a upgrade vs stock, these days As you may be able to tell Im no Einstien it would have to be fairly simple.

Thank you guys for your help, Maybe ill be able to return the favor some day.

If you do all the steps above and that dont do it then its CDI

Or the Pulse Generator. That can also cause flaky operation and die when it heats up.

I had problems with both on my bike. Now that they're both replaced, it's very reliable.

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