"sag setting" of forks?

How much, if any, "sag" should be in the front forks?

I ask as I'm getting my bike ready for spring riding. It has been on the stand, in the garage all winter.

While cleaning it up a bit last night, I dropped the stand so I could turn it around. Seems like the front end sags down a bit under it's own weight...and inch or so. When rolling it around the garage and touching the front brake lever, it sits down even further...maybe two inches of travel.

I'm not talking about while I sit on it and pound the front end down with most of my weight. I'm talking about the bike carrying only it's own weight and just front brake stop from 1/4MPH rolling it. Seems to take up some of the front fork travel.

I don't remember that from last year....but it was many months ago.

So, the question is, is there suppossed to be some "sag" on the front end too?


Yes there is supposed to be sag with the forks as well my bike settles a few inches in the front after it comes off the stand

45-60mm SAG with rider on. Hard to measure, so measure it several times (put a stripe around one of the fork legs, not to tight).

Sit on the bike and gently move up and down a bit in the middle of the seat so the forks move. Then get of the bike put it back on the stand and check how far the stripes was pushed down.

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