ktm 300 xc vs ktm 350 exc vs ktm 450 exc

So i am pretty torn between these 3 bikes. I currently ride a ktm 450 exc but it is mostly my dads and want one of my own. I will be 100% off road riding and off road racing on it. The reason why is because I never push my self when I am on some one else bike. So i have been reading about the 3 and the 300 xc is is supposed to be a awesome light bike with good usable power for off road. But I have always been a 4 stroke guy. I need the bike to have a usable 1st and 2nd gear for single tracks but still have a good top speed. That is why I love the ktm 450 exc but I am just trying my options.

Thanks any tips will help out.

If your a 4t guy. Go with 350

300 is awesome the 450 can be a handful in some situations but 350 can hang with all.

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