2006 YZ 125 - Brake Rotor replacement (will Yamaha wave rotors fit)

We have a 2006 YZ 125 that needs a new rear brake rotor. I have found a guy locally selling a set of Yamaha wave rotors from a 2008 YZ 250 that look like are in great shape. Will I have any trouble with their fit onto our 125? I checked the Yamaha accessory website and it seems like the wave rotors will fit a variety of YZ & YZF bikes in these same years. Is this correct. Thanks everyone!


Houston, TX

Did a crosscheck on Galfer's website, 2003+ YZ125/250 all use the same rear rotor #499, the front rotor is the same too #301. Based on that you'd think you'd be good to go.

Yes, the brake rotors are interchangeable between all full sized YZ's and YZF's from 2001-2013. I believe the rear rotor is interchangeable for years earlier than that, but the front rotor was 10mm smaller diameter before 2001.

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Ya'll are great! Thanks for your help.

One more question.....do I need to run different brake pads (size or type) with the wave rotors? Will the brake pads still line up correctly? I am hoping to just install the new wave rotors and then bolt the wheel back onto the bike.

The brake pads are the same, no need to change them.

This is the closes thread I've found related to my would be question. What's the minimum front brake rotor thickness for a yz125? and how far should the floating disc move back and forth? Thanks guys

From the 2010 YZ125 Service Manual:


front rotor thickness 3.0mm , minimum service limit 2.5mm

rear rotor thickness 4.0mm , minimum service limite 3.5mm


rear brake rotor (non floating) deflection limit : 0.15mm

but there's no mention on the floating front rotor deflection.


In my opinion if the caliper visibly moves from side to side to follow the rotor,

the pads will overheat and boil the brake fluid, I'd replace the rotor.

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Sounds like the OP has found his desired rotor, but for others reading this, I have found the Tusk brand rotors from Rocky mountain (about $50) to be an excellent value.  I am a terrible brake dragger so stock rotors on any bike usually last me about 3 rides, or one race, before warping.  The tusk rotor is a little thicker than stock and seems to take the heat much better.  Besides standing up much better to abuse than the stock rotor, I can't detect any performance difference.

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