Xr650l timing

How do I check timing on 2007xr650l my bike ran fine then next day got on the bike hard to start when got it started it ran ok for 2 miles then started back firing bad and tried during at low rpm had to keep it at high rpm to get it home now it won't start at all any help would be greatly needed thanks Rocky

Sorry I ment it tried to die at low rpm

There is no adj on timing it done with CDI. Could be CDI have it tested

What is Cdi

If Cdi is bad will it still get spark

Please let this thread die and stick to the other one. No sense having two threads on the same topic.

When I put this on some told me from tt that I should repost I don't know how to delete one sorry just doing what tt told me to do

Got it going was right front valve closed

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