02 450r piston interval

so ive had my 02 450r since about june of 2012, and i love the thing, ive probably put 100+ hours on it. I came from a smoking xr250 so it was a big jump lol. ive adjusted the valves, i waited way too long (one of the intake valves was always a little open XD) but its good now, im meticulous with the oil changes, roughly every 2-3 hours or so running t6 5-40 and ive got the manual and it wants a NEW PISTON EVERY 15 HOURS, this seems insane???? its the same interval they recommend for the oil change and considering that when i pulled the valve shims out they looked like the original factory ones(they seemed custom cut and had no markers and they weren't in line with specific sizes eg in between std sizes) so i am making the assumption that this thing has gone 10 years on this piston. It feels fine, although to be fair i have never ridden another 450. so my question is what is a reasonable piston change interval? and am i asking for trouble not looking at the connecting rod?



Do you have an hour meter? At one hundred hours I'd say your due for a piston. I did 135 hours on my stock 450x piston. But I think around 100 hours would be a safer interval. If you are riding hard 50 hours is probably better

if you had zero or negative valve lash, you can look forward to a valve job soon. The valves dont get loose, they get tight.

Solid advice on 100 hours on the piston.

Food for thought, you bought an 11 year old dirt bike, put 100 hours on it and now your considering a piston?

If someone was to GIVE me an 02, first thing Id do would be to pull the top end and give it a look. You could be cruising around on a 300-400 hour engine. I dont know what kind of riding you do, but if your racing the thing at all, go through the whole engine. Its way way cheaper to put a crank into an engine thats not broken, than to end up parting out whats left because a set of cases cost more than what the bike is worth.

When the piston on these bikes gets worn, then pushed hard up a hill or a down a sand wash, they can turn sideways in the bore because the skirt is so short. That my friend is an expensive and ugly mess.

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