kx250f, crf250x? which one

im totally torn between these 2 bikes, both seem to be awesome and reliable. i ride 40/60 motocross and enduro, i like the power and features of the kawi, but i like the enduro feratures of the crf250x

concerned about the crf250x is that it might not have the power needed

concerned about the kawi is that it might suck on the trail

i have never ridden either of these bikes, and im looking for your guys imput, weather it be with these 2 bikes or another model i havent really done my homework on im glad to hear your imput, the only thing u wont convinve me of is buying a 2 smoke, thanks for helping me out here

I think the Kawi will have a bit more power stock then the Honda but you can easily make that up with a few simple mods and the CRF will be geared better for the trail so i would go with the Honda personally but ive wanted one of them for years and would have one if it were street legal :) let us know what you choose

Get a 250 XC-F and enjoy best of both worlds..........................or a YZ :thumbsup:

Regarding the two bikes you mentioned, i think it will be better for you to convert a motocross bike intro a trail/woods one than vice-versa...just saying, i've personally never heard of anyone converting their enduro machines into pure motocross bikes. How do you like the power of the Kawi if you say you've never ridden one? One thing is to read, another thing is to ride :ride: My advice is BEFORE buying any of the bikes, test-ride them and see how they handle... still...why not a 2 stroke? Don't you like their snap? :wub:

Cheers mate!

okay, thanks,you guys both made totally valid points, and for mordav, haha i know, i made a little mistake, i meant from what i heard the kawi has more power, still unsure of what bike to pick, im leaning towards the honda for enduro.

why not a 2 stroke? Don't you like their snap?

mmm i dunno, just dont like the rev rev rev rev and i do lotsd of enduro so the gas milage sucks, but im not saying they dont have there place

Go with the KX250F. I have a 250X and I ride desert mainly but I probably wouldn't take it to the track. It's a great trail bike but not so much for the track I would think.

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