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Front wheel off center--and extra parts?

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I seem to have an issue with the front wheel on my CRF flat tracker (2003 450R). What I've found is an extra spacer on the axle, that doesn't seem like it belongs there. It's about 5mm thick and rides on the left side of the axle, outside the "real" spacer and between the fork leg. It's not tight in there at all, it gets clamped in just like the other stuff that is supposed to be on the axle between the legs. I haven't tried leaving it out, for 2 reasons: it seems like something has to be in there to fill the space, and most importantly it spaces the wheel away from the fork leg on that side. Leave the spacer out, and the wheel is offset to that side(left side, sitting on the bike looking down at the wheel). It doesn't hold the fork legs apart or anything and fork action is smooth.

Perhaps another larger issue is that the wheel seems to not be centered on the hub from side to side. Any tips for making sure that the hub and wheel are on the same centerline? I know that this will make some difference but once centered, the hub should ride on the axle with "normal" or stock axle spacers. This all came about when I tried to turn my wheel around, and then everything was way out of line.

I will try to get some pictures to show what I'm talking about. Thanks for any help you guys can give. Not sure what's up at this point...something is obviously out of place but I'm a bit stumped, short of disassembling the whole thing just to look at it.

Thanks again,

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