What's the most secure method to hold grips on?

Every single grip I have ever used has came loose on the left side and my method is Scott grip glue and safety wire, what methods do you guys use to hold them mother truckers on

Spray paint and safety wire works real well

Only Renthal grip glue.

Wife's hair spray & safety wire. Grips don't budge.

3M Weatherstrip adhesive. The grip will not ever move.

X2 - Clear spray paint and safety wire

Glue and wire.

Ensure both grips and the bar ends are clean. I wipe them down with break cleaner and let it dry. Dont skimp on the glue and ensure you get enough around the entire bar and coated inside the grip. Just dont glob too much as there is a balance. Wire tight while still wet. Most important, dont mess with it until completely dry.

Truth is there isnt a fool proof method as everything will lose its hold over time. How hard you ride will also affect the bite. On my trail bike the grips have held for a few years. On my MX race bike they sometimes last the season and sometimes dont.

Heck. Maybe its a little luck also

dumb question but are you putting them on the oposite sides? i've done that a couple times... :rant:

Wife's hair spray & safety wire. Grips don't budge.




+3 Spray paint and safety wire. Method I have used for 20+ years, never a problem

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Scott Grip glue blows huge wiener. Im notkidding its horrible. Spray paint or spray adhesive.

pro taper grip glue, drip some in the grip and smash the grip and roll it around



Ive used Golf Re-Grip tape with great success. Wrap the bar in tape and pour some paint thinner over it. The grip should easily Slip on and let it dry overnight.

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X2 - Clear spray paint and safety wire

Yup, cheap & effective

3M Weatherstrip adhesive. The grip will not ever move.

Amen to that.

It's just as important for the grip to come off as it is for it to not move. Most grip glues are exactly that, a glue and it's a huge pain to get the grip back off when it's wore out. With paint they peal right off and are ready for the next set.

Skate board grip tape. Just discovered and works awesome.

Hairspray. Extra Strength. Spray into grip...slides on easy. Line up nice and pretty. Wait 4 hours. Done.

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