2011 KTM 350SXF- Which fuel to run?

Hello all. I just bought a 2011 350 SXF. It only has 10 hours total and not even 3 on a new ktm hard parts (vertex) high compression piston. The piston was put in when it was at the shop for the crank bearing recall. The bike has a full FMF 4.1 titanium exhaust. The question is what gas to run. I had a kx450 back in 07-08 with a high compression piston and I ran straight 91 pump gas in it. Here in CA all the stations I've found have ethanol in their 91. The guy I bought it from runs 50/50 VP race fuel and 91 pump gas in all his bikes and highly recommends it. I just want to know your guys thoughts and experiences. If I should consisder mixing race fuel, which one should I use considering VP has like 6-8 different fuels made specifically for dirt bikes. I meant to ask him which one he was running but forgot and haven't been able to get ahold of him today to ask. Thanks for your input!!

I run the kind that comes out of the green handle pump... :ride:

Yeah dude just use 91 you'll be fine

Throw in some ethanol treatment, and if you are concerned pick up some Torco and mix with your 91.

I run the kind that comes out of the green handle pump... :ride:

Are you running diesel?

95 is optimum, 91 fine, 98... stay away from. These EFI bikes don't have oxygen sensors so can not adjust for 98. Cars can, bikes can't, well not until they add O2 sensors and adjusters.

On my 2012 350SXF I run 75%93pump, and 25% VPU 4.4. It really wakes it up! I've tried just 93 and is sluggish compared to the mix. A little excessive, but in my opinion, well worth it. I've run it for a whole year with lots of time and zero problems.

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