50mm of free sag sound too high to anyone?

Running 104/105mm race sag and 50/49mm free sag.

Spring is a 5.2. I'm 5"10 & weigh 70kg in normal clothes.

Maybe its me but sometimes i feel the rear has too much energy in it. When I'm trying to manual through long sand whooped out straits it'll sometimes pitch me over the front. Also getting over the rear to manual (or wheelie) through these sand rollers, well, it could feel easier. Like if the rear was sitting a bit lower or the bars were slightly higher or something. Then again it could be in my head

Yeah. I hate running to much free sag. Im light, so on my stock 13 when I played with sag it was 79 race 38 free. Went to like 100, free sag was outrageous. I was using way too much stroke just sitting on the ground. Went back to stock numbers and although stiff ,10 times more balanced

So what's the consensus with free sag ranges? 30mm to 40mm sound reasonable? Looking at tuners suggestions, well, they seem to differ somewhat! Should i go down again to a 5.1?

Hahah on stock 5.7's when i set the race sag the free sag was monstrous...70mm or so

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Lol mine were like that too! Just from preference I like 35mm to 40 and the bike has way more stability pretty much everywhere. Especially the high speed sketchy stuff you mentioned. Im 135 and just ordered a 4.9. Id go down a notch but im by no means a tuner haha

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It sounds as though the shock spring is way too stiff.

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