New OEM parts needed for 1987 kx 125

Hi, if anybody out there has these or knows were to get them please let me know; I have been looking all over the world for them for little over a year now, and I need them to finish my restore. I only want new OEM so please don't tell me were to get aftermarket stuff. Thanks

# 12053-1213 ( chain guide)

#12053-1208 (chain guide)

#43059-1385 ( front brake line)

#13156-1225 ( shift lever)


If the parts are available, Ron Ayers in North Carolina should be able to get them. If Ron can’t get them, they probably don’t exist. :rant:

Then they must not exist. Just stop your rebuild, mark007.

I was thinking of having a front brake hose made, but I don't know were and I don't know if they would have the same parts to make it look like the OEM? I could try to clean the one I have but have no way of getting under the plastic tubes, can I cut them off and then heat melt them back on or glue them back together? With the shift lever I can just keep trying shifters till I find one that is very close in shape and style ( what a pain that would be). Any ideas?


Thanks Jkenny177 but I don't want aftermarket stuff. I did however find a new oem front brake line and lower chain slide today, now I just need the upper slide and a shifter.

oh i didnt realize it was aftermarket... good luck, it doesnt look like those parts are available new anywhere

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