New 2000 Rm125

I picked up a 2000 Rm125 for $1000 2 days ago, and it was a pretty good deal for what it seemed to be, being my first "big bike/2 stroke". So far I love it. the next day we took it to the local sand pit/track. We found out that under power in 2nd it would slip into neutral (not a big deal in corners but scary in whoops or coming up to jumps). Did some research when I got home, and found out it was the drive dogs/shift forks. The thing is my buddy is pickin up a brand spankin new 12 crf250 and wants me to go with him, and I was wondering if it would do more damage riding for about 30 mins (whats left in the tank) or if it would just slip into neutral and thats all. Any response would be appreciated. thanks :goofy:

Hopefully I'll be able to fix it soon and get used to it and be ripping around the tracks :ride: Once we got there, we found out that the throttle was sticking upon start up, we tried to fix it and did, until after being off for a few minutes it did it again so I left it at the truck and watch everyone else ride. :lame: I later decided to walk it into the pit and try to fix it. We had done so, and had to put the last screw in. When my friend went to put it in, he dropped it in the very very loose, and wet/packy sand, what a pain it was to find that :banghead: But once we did so, we got the bike running and all was good until we found out about the dogs, which pretty much ruined my day :mad:

Sorry for the post being all over the place, as i just typed as I went along :p Btw, I can find the shift forks online but not drive dogs, Im new to working on motors, and dont know if the dogs are on the shift forks or the gear inside the tranny (weather I need a shift fork or 2nd gear). Just thou hgt id ask on here while I was typing instead of calling my dealer and listing to a bad sales pitch for over priced parts & service lol.

Thanks! ^_^

You need the gears, forks and possibly the shift drum as well. Check for the parts and diagram. Whatever gear the dogs on second gear mates with will need to be replaced as well. Also, order all the transmission bearings when you get the gears and forks.Better to do it all right at the same time than try to save some money and need to split the cases a month later cause one of those bearings you didn't want to pay for decided to take a Shit (been there).

Might as well do the crank bearings and seals while the cases are split too, cause if you don't I suspect it won't be long before you wish you did.

Don't forget to get new seals for the shifter, output shaft, kick starter shaft and case half gasket, cylinder base gasket, side cover gaskets, pv cover gaskets.

While you are at it, I'm sure its time for a top end rebuild too.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE SHIMS AND EVERYTHING IN THAT TRANS. IT ALL MUST GO BACK EXACTLY THE RIGHT ORDER! Take pictures and do whatever is necessary to get it back together just right or you will be very, very sad.

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while back, my dad had a 93 rm with the infamous slip out of second. well, threw some 75wt belray gear saver in the tranny and it rarely slipped out after that, of course thats not a permanent fix, but if you wanted to go riding this weekend it should work.

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