250XC-W or 300XC-W

I know that this is a open ended question but...

Locally there is a 09 250XC-W and a 06 300XC-W. Both are in my price range and both look to be in good shape. I was originally looking at a 300 as I had heard (have been doing a lot of reading) that it can be built to more of a torque (ie) bike. I am looking for an easier transition to two-smokes from my XR400.


09 is a generation change from an 06. So, regardless of displacement, I would go with the 09 250. The 250 will lug just fine if needed. You could always go with a 300 kit later if you just aren't happy.

+1 on dhrider comment. I prefer the 300 but the 3 year difference would sell me on the 250 as well.

250, if not happy 300kit.

i agree with everything above but before you sink the money into a 300 jug I would highly suggest a gnarley pipe, I just put one on mine and what a difference

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