How bad was your first ride of the season?

Weather finally started shaping up here in NY and ive only gotten to ride twice before the loretta lynns qualifier this weekend. And needless to say, i couldn't even hold on for 5 minutes, my arms just pumped up and I could hardly pull in the clutch. Ive never had it this bad, even the first rides of the season. And i feel like my gym routine is to blame, ive been doing a power lifting routine for about 7 months. Anyway, i will be switching up my routine now that riding season has come around but i want to be able to hold on racing this weekend, any pre-race tips to minimize arm pump? Potassium helps with cramps, anything help with arm pump? Stretching? What kinds of stretches work good? Only have until saturday with two short rides under my belt..

I also have new bars, mounts, and grips this year but i don't think that is the cause (pillow tops, easton), most likely my workout routine.

Honestly its more of a mind over matter kind of thing. One thing you can do is grip the bike with your legs to make it somewhat easier on your arms but your going to get tired all you can do is push through it and make it towards the end. Most motos are what 4 laps anyways right? I get 6 laps but thats not all that much. Thats about 12 minutes i guess the novices are doing that but anyways just push through it.

My first two rides of the season were two of the shortest and most frustrating ive ever had. The first I was struggling to remember how to ride. It was over a year since I rode and hitting ruts and lines through corners was not happening at all in the first session. Second session I immediately felt so much more comfortable and was starting to pick up the pace. Was all the way on the outside of a long turn headed towards a large step up and someone from behind me coming into the corner who was on the inside decided to swing way wide on the exit and collected me pretty good. Split my chin wide open was pouring blood everywhere. All over my gear all over the bike was insane. End of day 1 about 7 laps or so I think.

Day two the main track was swamped ruts everywhere completely crowded. I decided to warm up on the intermediate track. Its all smaller jumps and very hard packed. I figured id just focus on form and cornering as best I could. Well one of the jumps was way smaller then I figured, I overshot it pretty bad I didnt even hammer the throttle or anything I guess I was carrying way more speed then I figured through the "s" turns leading to it. I hit it like 1/2 throttle in 3rd and landed nearly in the face of the next table. As soon as I landed I couldn't stand on my left foot. Ridiculous pain instantly. Dislocated my ankle from the impact didnt crash, multiple broken bones and tore a few tendons. 2nd surgery in a few hours..

I was training, lifting, running, reading, cycling, watching riding DVDs all winter. Pretty bummed. Out till atleast July.

2 dislocated shoulders for me on my first ride after the new year. Clutch slipped going up the face of a jump and it uncontrolably launched me so I had no choice other than to bail. Twisted up my forks, rads, bent my bars and subframe but other than that no serious damage done since the only thing that had to be replaced was my bars and subframe. Crappy part is I drove all the way to SC to ride because of the weather here in Ohio and crashed hard the first day out. Still suffering from nerve damage 2 months later however now have full strength back in both shoulders. Its manageable now though.

Plan on going out tomorrow to get my first full session in of the year! I can't wait! :goofy:

I still cant time EVER on a track and with a big ass 450. If only i could learn to jump this thing and not land on the rear tire..o well time will tell Im just use to riding light weight 2 strokes

Super muddy. Track was good for the 1st lap but after everyone got out there it brought all the mud and water to the surface. On top of that I had arm pump so bad by the 3rd lap of the 1st moto I had to pull off the track :lol:

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Wasn't to bad, i found out that my wheelie skills are still somewhat intact. But i am definitely sore after a good hard day of riding, that's how you know your doing it right! :crazy:

pretty bad

I came in late for moto 1 so i ended up last

in Moto 2 i kept in 3rd for the first couple laps till i stalled my bike, then washed my front end in the next lap and ended up in 7th out of 12

edit: i really cant complain tho, it was my race ever and i only have about 3 months of total riding experience

I was in the 250 beginner class btw

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Has the season really started? :( Still snow here except where there is slick mud on top of frozen ground. :((((((( I am looking forward to riding, but don't know if my multiple concussions from last year will let me yet.

The Bug

lol, i live in michigan and i start going to offroad parks to putt around when it is 30 degrees outside so i don't get lazy over winter

Was doing great until my last time out on track. Hit a kicker next thing im off the bike flying in the air bruised 2 ribs. Ribs finallynfeel better and i flop my ankle doing house work. Dam i just wanna ride!!!

First race last weekend and I barely got any time to practice before, since our winter dragged on forever! I think I rode 3 times before my first race, and it was a muddy mess every single time.

Raced 2 classes (4 motos) and was drained after 2 motos. Arms were pumped and legs burning, it didnt help that it was muddy and rutty. I didnt think I was gonna make it to the afternoon motos. I rehydrated and ate some good foods.

Track dried up throughout the day and the 2 afternoon motos went alot better. Doesnt matter how much you train in the winter, nothing beats seat time! Hoping I got more endurance for my next race this weekend. Sitting 9th in the spring series, lets do this!!

Used to ride for an hour and a half with no armpump. Now I get about 20-30 minutes :(

So bad that I had a pretty big crash during the 2nd ride. Also had armpump. The 3rd ride turned out great. Got back the feeling.

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