09 yz250f HELP!

So yesterday I washed my Twin Air Filter and let it dry overnight. About 3 hours ago i reoiled it with PJ1 Foam oil(Black and Red spray can). I installed the filter back into place correctly and went to fire the bike up and nothing... Kicked it over for quite a while. I got it to sputter and want to fire but it wouldn't fire up and start... Did i use the wrong oil? NEED HELP!

I have the same filter ans use the same oil..I'd say take out the filter and try to start it see if it starts..if so maybe you ovrr oiled the filter which I domt think is possilbe? Did you do anything else with the filter cleaning?

I'm thinking the filter was too damp yet? Is that possible? I'm letting it air dry over night then trying it in the morning.

That could play a factor but enough air should still get through..I wash mine with gas..although your not supposed to it works best

K. So start it with no filter? If it fires replace the filter?

Fired right up after letting the filter sit over night. Thanks for the input guys.

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