2013 450 SXF burning oil

Have any of you heard of an issue of anyone with this bike burning oil? Every time I twisted the throttle at last Sundays race white smoke would come out. Checked the oil and it was extremely low. Dropped the bike at the dealer on Monday to have them check it out. Hopefully not anything major. Bike was running strong before I shut it down. Barely has 20 hrs on it.

I would have to say that's definitely not normal lol hope its nothing too major for you

I have the same problem with my 2013 250 SXF dropping it to the dealer next week. Mine has 6hours on it now.

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Must be a bad batch of valve guide seals or something because two different displacement bikes quickly smoking couldn't be worn out rings already. Unless both of you guys installed your airfilter incorrectly at some point.

I will post an update as soon as mine is back from the dealer.

Remove carb and exhaust. Look at the valves. If they are oily then valve seals, if not it is your piston. I would recomend Vertex or Wosner as replacements. They have a better oil ring that keeps the oil below the top of your piston. If this is the problem you can probably spot some oil on top of your piston through the spark plug hole. Not a pool of oil but the piston will look oily. Many dealers will tell you it is from using synthetic oil during breakin causing the rings to not seat correctly.

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wouldn't white smoke indicate water like a leaky head gasket, blue smoke would be oil

Have always made sure the air filter was seated properly when installing. The smoke is definitely oil as the coolant level has never dropped just the oil level. Still waiting to hear back from the dealer as to the cause.

It appears that the plastic tube from the valve cover to the airbox came loose at sometime. Not sure how this could have happened with a clamp on it. I've never pulled the subframe loose or removed any hoses. Unfortunately this is not filtered air and it sucked in dirt. New piston and cylinder required. Be sure to check the hose and clamp regularly even if you've never removed it.

So they are saying that the vent in the valve cover sucked in dirt that somehow made it into the cylinder destroying the cylinder and piston? Sounds pretty unlikely since almost every 4 stroke made runs the valve cover vent straight to the ground with no filter. Hmmmm........ Or were you sucking dirt straight into the intake? It ran normal?

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How much white smoke were you seeing? A big cloud or a light dust?

Bike is still in the shop but I believe the vent hose goes from the valve cover to the air box and came off at the air box.

Here's a link to the last race before I shut it down. #42 can't miss me smoking through the corners!

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This was one of the first bikes that was produced and had the rocker arm recall. The shop had to pull the valve cover off to make the recall repair and in my opinion this is where the problem may have started.

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