Dr 650 carb mods. Help please

Ok, i have a 2012,so far all ive done is remove the snorkel and put two washers to shim my needle.

Im gonna buy a jet kit, and am confused on what stage to get. I've planned on cutting some holes in the top of my air box, but ain't gonna do it till i get a jet kit. Im not a mechanic by any means, but im capable. Help me out please....

There's some info on jetting stages here: http://www.dynojet.com/jetkits/

This is where I bought mine (stage 2), as well as an extended fuel/air screw. They have a truckload to offer for DR owners, and might I add they are nice people to boot!: http://www.kientech.com/

I recommend you read the "BST Bible" in the DR650 FAQ: http://www.thumperta...3782-dr650-faq/

Good luck,


PS - If you're looking to replace those pesky JIS Phillips screws, pick up a half dozen M5x12 Allen cap stainless....

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Check the ProCycle website as they stock all the kits and have a very good DR modification guide including jetting.

You need to get a little better idea of where you want to go with the mods as it makes a difference. You should already be pretty good as setup.


Yeah it aint bad, but i really dont want to get into spending alot of money. Thats why im just lookn to get more air through it, therefore needing to rejet it. Im gonna keep the stock exhaust, so thats y I can't figure out what kit to get.

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