Trx400ex oil dipstick level?

So I was in the process of changing my oil for the first time and stopped pouring when the oil tank became suddenly full. Only put in about 1.6 qts. Haven't started it because I'm afraid there is too much oil. Should I start it first or drain some out to a certain level on the dipstick? Thanks

I think it holds 1.5, you should be fine. Is the oil on the dipstick level at the top or higher?

about 1.8 quarts of oil. My XR eats about 2 quarts per change (same engine). However, my XR manual claims that you can't add it all at once, I think that the manual wants you too add one quart, run it for a few minutes, then add the last .8 - 1.0 quart. If you can fit the whole 1.8 quarts I would add it and then check the oil after a few minutes at idle (400 hondas are weird when it comes to checking oil level :thumbsup:)

yep about 1.8 qts add one idle for a minute or two add till full

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