03 KLX 400 clutch issue?

Hoping someone with way more of a clue than I have can help... have owned a 2003 klx400 with 2800 mi for about a year. I rode it last year thru October and all was well. I fired it up last week and when I shift into first from neutral the bike jumps forward and immediately stalls. I adjusted the clutch cable with no result. Anyone have any thoughts on what I can try? It did it the first time I tried to drop into first after sitting on a bike stand all winter. Appreciate any thoughts...

Just ride it a bit. The clutch may free up. If not, take the clutch apart and sand the rust off the steel plates. Can't tell you why motorcycle clutches rust up the steel plates but they do.

Give it some fresh oil

When you haven't used the bike for some time ... Pull the clutch lever in about a dozen times BEFORE you put it in gear . Roll the bike forward a little before you put it in gear , when you haven't been using it for a while .

Just the plates sticking together, take it for a ride and it will come good.

Clutch plates stuck, common issue after sitting.

Clutch cover comes off with no oil loss and has a reusable o ring. Take 30 min,,remove cover, remove pressure plate bolts, remove the disks (after the last driven disk, there are two anti judder springs, look closely for how they go) Clean up the drive (steels) and driven (fiber/aluminum) plates in some fresh oil, reinstall, go ride.

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