are my fork seals actually blown.

ok so I know none of you will be able to tell me exactly if they are blown but from what information im giving you would you guess they are or aren't. They are upside down showas, and one day I was cleaning it and I noticed some oil dripping down the side of the fork tube it was just a bit like a driop not a lot. when I pushed it down it was easy as if was blown though, still had pressure. is it possible or does it have to be blown.

You can try using the "seal mate" to clean dirt that could be stuck in your fork seals, but if it still leaks you might need to replace the seals. You can get away with riding for a while with a leaky fork seal if it doesn't leak too much but eventually the seal will fail completely and there will be a pool of oil below the fork and alot down the fork tube. The oil from the forks can also leak into the front brakes (if on the same side) and get into the brake pads, if that happens you might need new brake pads too. Check out "seal mate" on youtube and it will show a video of how to use them you might get lucky with a $5 fix. :thumbsup:

Ive fixed about 5 forks with a peice of milk carton used like the "seal mate" have yet to need to replace a fork seal. Film blanks work even better.

You will need to knock down the dust wiper before cleaning the seals

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Just replace the seals, if they are leaking they are shot

I feel like doing the seals will be a b***h to do. c will it? I have no special tools, or experience.

Is it bad to ride with blown fork seals? I know the suspension will not work properly but can i damage anything?

You can damage yourself and the forks, just read up online, grab the manual and do them. They aren't that hard.

takes more time to take the forks off the bike than it does to actually replace the seals. Try the seal mate first, if its still leaking, then replace. Typically if they are leaking theyre done for, but maybe youll get lucky. Ive had friends with such luck in the past.

I'd just go ahead and replace the seals. Mine were just barely leaving a ring of oil around the inner fork when they were compressed. I figured I could get one more ride out of them and they ended up blowing out 3-4 miles deep on some trails.

The only tool I would recommend getting for fork seals would be the seal drivers. The first time I was seating my seals with a PVC pipe and it was terribly hard. I know shops around me will rent out the tools for fairly cheap.

It is possible that dirt got into the seal and is causing the leak. I would try to get the dirt out if you can as the chances of you ripping the seal is not as likely. I have had bikes for the last 10 years fixed by using a thin piece of plastic to remove the dirt.

I had the same thing happening on my YZ. One side seeped just a little. I tried the plastic routine, re-filled the forks and then the other side leaked. Hell with it, I changed the seals and all is good.

twin chamber showas are honestly my favorite style to do, they're very straight forward with minimal mess.

but OP if it has been cold in your area and it's just now warming back up, then you might be fine, my forks always seem to leak when they sit in the winter.

My seals are definitely blown. I had a lot of oil on the floor I'm the garage from the forks. I have been riding the bike anyway tho and it does not seem to bother me very much I just don't want to cause damage to anything

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