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98 cr250 intermittent no spark

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Hi new to this forum and need some help! I got this bike in non running condition with no spark being the problem. Kid I got it from said it was bored .20 over and polished ports and blah blah blah. Got it home and messed with it a bit and when I would wiggle the plug wire I could get spark. So easy enough I ordered a coil from Honda. Found out the one on the bike was some goofy aftermarket. So with new oem coil bike fired up second kick and ran awesome. Rode it about a half an hour. Put the bike away and noticed the cylinder head leaking externally from the gasket. So I did a little research seemed like a common problem so I ordered a head gasket put it on torque head to specs and fired it up. Ran great for about ten minutes idling in my driveway hopped on it to take it around the block quick and before I could leave my driveway it started misfiring and maybe even backfiring and died. Took out the plug checked spark and no spark. So I checked the ground to coil it didn't look real bad but I cleaned it all up and put dielectric grease on it anyways. When checking spark it had great spark! So tonight I put the plug back in kicked over fired second kick. Ran great until again it was warm then did the same thing as last night misfired and backfired the died. It seems to run great cold then once it gets some heat dies. What the heck could it be? Is it possible my new coil crapped out already? Is it hard for theses bikes to have a good ground with the aluminum frame? Anything else I should be checking?

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