2007 YZ 450 Kick Starter lever relacement

First Time T.T. user, I Bought a 07 YZf 450 ,I need to change the Kick Start Lever I't look's simple enought Allenhead bolt ,Slide off old lever Slide on new one ? Now before I Mess it up , Does it have right or left Hand thread's ? And do i need a puller of some sort to pull off old lever assembly ? ( Going to buy and new shop manual as soon as i can find one ) ! Thank's For Any Help ! P.S. I've Been around Bike's for 40 yr,s , But It's been 20 yr's since I 've had My own to trail ride and Tinker with .( Raced a little Moto-Cross back in the day 70,s+ 80,s) I Have alot of Question's about these Four- Stroke's , But it should Be Fun,I feel Like a kid again . Sorry for the Rambling .

Hey welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your "new to you" bike. When you get a moment, you ought to poke around here http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/378677-common-threads-look-here-1st-mods-maintenance-common-issues-and-faqs/

you will find a lot of useful information, ideas and sometime inspiration, particularly in the 06-09 YZ450F range.

Secondly, here are two different links for factory manuals, downloadable for free. Just follow the instructions on the page. If you lose the links, you can always go to the link above (which is found at the beginning of TT's YZ450F thread) and scroll down and you will find your way again.



There should be plenty of information for you to get where you need to go from here.

But on another note, kick starter R&R is relatively straight forward.

Have fun.

The allen bolt is a right handed thread, so turn it counter clock wise to loosen it. After you take the bolt off, if the old kicker doesn't pull right off, spray some pb blaster into the splines on the shaft. You should be able to work it loose. Use Loctite on the bolt when you reinstall it. Good Luck!!!

Hey Guy's it Me again, Thank's for the Info. and Tip's . I tried a brand new 6mm. allen wrench,and with a medium size brass hammer (Yea , I know if you need a hammer to work on your bike your inTrouble already) But I tried the allen wrench alone and with a cheater bar , No luck ,I tried tapping with the hammer still no luck ! I don't want to round out the bolt so I Quit ! Time to take a break ,and rethink My option's . Any Idea's welcome , ( Can't Freeze or Heat it to shrink or expand it )

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