Let's hear your post riding routine (i.e. maintenance, cleaning, etc...)

I know it obviously varies depending on a lot of factors, such as how long you rode for, how dirty your bike is, etc... but what is your typical maintenance routine after riding?

wash bike, dry off with a towel, lube chain, check air filter, spray wax bike, clean wheels.

Im more of a rider. I always keep my maintenance up, but am not a stickler about changing oil after every ride or two. I generally do a once over and attend as needed. I live in an apartment, so I hardly ever wash. Usually it gets washed when I ride through rivers, ha. I usually save it until before another ride. A few days before, I test it all out. I keep plety of spare parts around so I can do most of what I need in a day.

Beer, wine and some flank steak & veggies over a campfire.

For me, I only wash my bike every 5 hours which is the same time I change my oil and oil filter and air filter, and when I adjust my chain. I will wash my bike if its muddy though, and if I ride anywhere dusty Ill clean the air filter too.

I dont quite undertand why some people spend so much time cleaning there bikes. My buddy waxes his and puts shit on the tires to make it shiny. lol

I have a bottle degreaser and a spray bottle of soap and water.. I hit it as needed.. I've found the spray bottle of soap and water is the easiest.. Just spray and let it sit about 5 min or before it dries.. Rinse.. I live in Fla so it's mostly dust here very little mud.. I like to keep my stuff clean so if something starts to weep or leak I know it!

Jet wash bike, check gear box oil and top up. Change air filter, cover bike in wd40. Lube chain. Check over.

Sleep, wait a few days......

Then go powerwash it, look it over, fix stuff as needed, air filter, oil, etc.....

If something is broken I'll pick it up the day after I ride, so it'll be ready once I wash it.

wash bike, dry off with a towel, lube chain, check air filter, spray wax bike, clean wheels.


Most of the time I ride it straight into the garage.

Park it. Drink water. Eat. Sleep.

Leave the maintenance for before the next one! I'm tired!

Hit up a self-serve carwash on the way home (no pressure washer yet at home), spray off all the big stuff.. Go home unload everything. Next day (normally) clean bike by hand. Degrease tires, engine, bottom side of fenders, scrub and rinse off. Hand wash the entire bike. . Use compressor and towels to dry.. . Lube chain, give bike a once over. Oil change every 3 rides , air filter cleaned every ride or 2 depending on riding conditions. Replace parts as needed

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I spray it down then scrub the moving parts sprockets chain axles fork tubes and most of the handle bars and clamps linkage If something needs to be done I do it and lastly spray all parts with WD

like most people above...wash, clean and lube chain, change oil every 5 hours on the meter and check valves every 10

Put bike away. drink beer.

if ride was dusty, change air filter.

if 15 or more hours since last oil change, change oil.

That's about it. I only wash the bike if I'm going to work on it. Overwashing is very bad for your bike.

Of course I ride a 2stroke, so it doesn't need much attention.

fwiw, my 200xcw is up to around 850 hrs (14,000 hard offroad miles) with this regimen.

Ride into trailer, pull out chairs, relive trail oops's over a beer. My bike(s) generally stay in the trailer(I treat it like rolling garage). That way, I can hook up & go, at a moments notice. I do my maintenence & most repairs there, as well. One thing I do, as soon as I get home...Sort and clean my riding gear, then repack it into the trailer. My next purchase will be a full-length awning(shade during summer, cover in winter).

I wash my bike after every ride. I almost always have some sort of maintenance to do on my bike between rides so it really bugs me when the bike is sitting in the garage dirty. Immediately when I get home, I do the following:

1) Unload the bike directly to my wash station. Hand wash, towel dry plastics, and use compressed air on engine/metal parts (including chain). SC1 spray wax. Probably spend 30min from start to finish.

2) Immediately lube chain after wash

3) Gear padding gets dirty and smells from sweat so I will simply hose off my leatt, knee pads, and helmet at the same time I wash the bike. Boots (white Gearnes) get scrubbed with soap if I found a lot of mud.

4) Boots, knee pads, leatt, and helmet sit behind a box fan overnight to dry and prevent mildew/smell.

5) Jersey, pants, gloves, sweat towel, and padded shorts get machined wash and hang dried.

I do everything above religiously after every ride because I know I won't do it later after I get on the couch lol. Air filter every 1-2 rides. Oil changed every 5 hours (2 - 3 rides).

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Get home grab a bucket and brush and tell the old lady scrub it up. Then get a sandwich and beer and lawn chair, oh you missed a spot. Make it look good now or do it over again. Oh and clean up my boots too.

Long about twenty years ago we developed the :worthy: Two Beer Minimum :worthy:. We had this whiny friend that was always making subversive comments about loading up and leaving right away. We made the :worthy: Two Beer Minimum :worthy: just for him.

It states. When you finish riding it is time to relax and drink at least two beers before you get ready to go. You are free to provide for your own comfort or work on your bike if it needs it. But you will not gear down, load up or whine about food or your mommy. Breaking the :worthy: Two Beer Minimum :worthy: rule is punishable by having to load everyone's bikes and gear.

I fix anything that is broke. I change anything that needs changing. Like Lama. I ride two strokes and get many many hours from them using this easy technique.

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Get home, shower, wash bike, dry it off with a towel, then get the compressor and blow at water from all the little spots, wax everything and then if my bike gets dusty from sitting for a little while I'll go to the garage and blow it off and check everything.

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