How hard is it to convert a 250EXC to a 250SX


I want a road legal 250SX to ride enduro with. I was thinking if i could get an EXC and then put the 300SX kit on it , maybe change to carb and airbox to SX. I just dont know if the parts are interchangable. Would it be easier to get an SX and get it road legal.

So, if you are just talking motor, the SX has a different top-end and ignition. I believe everything else is the same. But why would you want to ride enduro with an SX motor? Offroad motors are a little tamer because most riders find that smoother power works better in offroad conditions. I use an SX offroad (bought it because it was a super deal), but I had to take steps to calm the motor for effective racing.

Yeah I prefer a more explosive and powerful powerband for where i ride and my riding style, but im old enough to get a license now so i think i should stop riding illegaly.

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